Saturday, February 14, 2009

First Time Playing Tag

When I took the photo for this painting the temperature
was minus 15 degrees F.
I did not do this painting en plein air

* * * * * * * *

I have been tagged by Cindy Beck. I hope this works.
I am suppose to tell 25 (or less?) random things about myself.
Then I tag 25 (or less?) people and link to them. So here goes.
1. I am married to the greatest Valentine in the world. We have spent 44 Valentine Days together except for one (while he was on active duty). He's definitely the one
I want to spend eternity with.
2. My family is the most important thing in my life.
3. I am a pushover for children and will always take their side in any situation.
4. Mountains feel, to me, nearly as reverent as temples.
5. I dearly love plein air painting. It gives me a wonderful sense of freedom and joy.
6. I -- like Cindy -- am a dog lover and have been blessed with several of them. They have enriched my life greatly. Having never purchased a papered dog (one someone else names) I love to take a week or more finding the perfect name. Then I hardly ever call them that, but substitute some dear little nickname I find when I know them better. Examples: Sandi=Sami Jo; Chico=Beaker; and Trixie=Mrs. a-Whiggins (remember her on the Carol Burnett show?) Strange maybe, but it works for us.
7. I am and always have been, an optimist. It's so much easier, but drives some people crazy.
8. I have a story published in the book "Forged in the Refiners Fire: co-authored by Candace Salima and Elizabeth Cheever. I appreciated them giving me this opportunity.

So there are 8 things. More might be boring.

I am going to tag: Joyce DiPastena; Christine Bryant; Ronda Hindrichsen; Karen Hoover; Carol Morse and Rachelle Christensen (then she can see if I did this right.).


  1. Loved learning more about you, Hazel! You did splendidly playing tag! :)

    Also loved the painting of the cabin that you posted. Where did you take the photo you worked from? It reminds me of a cabin up Fairview Canyon (in Sanpete County, UT).

  2. Thanks, Cindy. The cabin is located at the base of Wolf Creek just the beyond Tabiona. It was a commissioned painting for the lady who owns the cabin. It was fun to do. Then later, she commissioned me to do one in the fall.


  3. Good job Hazel! You linked everyone up just great. Enjoyed learning about you and thanks for the tag. I may be a bit slow at my turn, but I'll work on it. :)


"Leftover Snow"

"Leftover Snow"
by Hazel Jensen (sold)

"Promise of Spring" by Hazel Jensen Winner of 2nd Place Award at the Lucille T. Stoddard Women's Art Show in Orem, Utah

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Dry Fork Sentinels
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